November 7, 2019 Organic Foods: For Much Improved Health and Well Being for Your Family and Yourself

Organic Foods: For Much Improved Health and Well Being for Your Family and Yourself

There has been a lot of talk recently about going organic and turning to organic foods for restoring one’s health. Going organic does come with a host of advantages that one must make sure that one utilizes to his best.

If we nowadays check out the cereal section in malls and supermarkets, we’d come across a whole lot of product choices. There’d be different types of foods, a lot of brands and a wide selection of varieties as well.

We often come across as ‘Organic’ as one of the specifications for food. But at times, one may be caught unaware as to what organic products are. One of the demarking features of organic foods is that these are grown without use of pesticides and fertilizers. Organic foods are grown without strategies that are used to enhance yields such as ionizing radiation.

Organic Foods can make a world of difference to one’s health and well being. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits that organic foods have on our being.

Antioxidant Capacity:

Scientists, researches and studies have come to realize that antioxidants from organic foods have a greater impact on our bodies as compared to antioxidants from normal foods. One of the prime reasons for the same is that in organic foods, antioxidants do not have a negative interaction with vitamins and minerals.

This ensures that organic foods are much better for treatment and prevention of disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, premature aging and vision related issues.

While going for organic foods ensures that we get the right kind of antioxidants in our diet, it also reduces the body’s exposure to heavy toxic metals.

Reduction in Pesticides

By going for organic foods, pesticides in one’s diet reduce to a great extent.

Pesticides are important for growing some foods, but they may create some difficulties for consumers over time. Let’s consider an instance. Organophosphorus is a chemical present in pesticides. It’s a mineral compound which is not natural, and it is not required for any purpose in our bodies.

But 80% of organophosphorus that we have in our system comes from foods that are coated with pesticides. Now organophosphorus is harmful for us, but it is more harmful for growing children. It could lead to issues with development, such as ADHD and autism.

People hence sometimes choose to go for organic foods to ensure better health for their kids, families and themselves.

Overall Health

Organic foods are grown without using chemical fertilizers. This ensures that they are free from strong chemicals that may affect our bodies in a negative way.

Manure is often the fertilizer that is used for growing organic food. This does not have the negative effects on our bodies which come as a part and parcel of foods that are not grown organically. Some agriculturists hence choose to go for an organic fertilizer over normal fertilizers.

Some people strongly believe that organic food tastes better than normal food. This is because it is grown by organic means and without use of fertilizers.

It’s better for the Planet!

No harmful chemicals used for growing for organic food ensures that the procedures do not pollute the soil, air and water. It makes the world safer for generations to come.

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