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Ready, Study, Go!: Smart Ways to Learn 

Ready, Study, Go!: Smart Ways to Learn 

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Given the kind of reader I am "non voracious reader" I picked-up the book in my hands assuming the max time will run into few minutes. To my utter surprise I went on and on and read the book at stretch for hours. Absolutely awesome book, amazing content and so much of research done by the Authors! This is one of the most simple yet super interesting book. Highly recommended for students, professors, professionals, corporate and home makers or to be precise for anyone and EVERYONE!! --By Pooja Shukla on 24 November 2016.Every student, learner, problem solver should have this book !! Its just just amazing !! Now learning anything or remembering anything is just so easy... I wish I had it in school time,I am 28 now, but still I can turn my life around with the techinques mentioned in this, most wonderful is the power of our brain to organize information during the breaks, so why breaks are important, but most of us never take breaks, or break only getting completely frustrated. This is such a wasteful use of time & energy, The authors have done a wonderful job, no words, every school, college, home, faculty, teachers, parents should learn from this book, which they can apply on themselves as well & make their students best among all, --By aditya daga on 27 November 2016



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