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Multicolor Chu Chu Bath Toys (Set of 14 Animals)
Multicolor Chu Chu Bath Toys (Set of 14 Animals)

Multicolor Chu Chu Bath Toys (Set of 14 Animals)

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Your floors might take a soaking, but your kids are always tapping into the core of their imaginations and that they are truly in their element during bath time. But, if we can slow down and let our babies and kids engage in their bath time in meaningful ways, they can actually learn and gain valuable skills.

By age three, 85% of a baby's brain is developed so it's important to engage your child during bathing time. When multiple senses are stimulated, like during bath time, the brain's processes for learning are enhanced. All of these bath toys focus on engaging your child's senses and imagination while in the tub.

These colorful rubber bath toys are available in various novelty variations, generally with a flat base, which makes it float in water without leaking. They are wholly sized to fit in your little princes & princesses' hands. These toys create fun & surprising 'Chu Chu' sound when squeezed, surely making your kid giggles, and that is truly priceless.

It is perfectly safe for children older than 4 Months to play with these toys. They are non-toxic & BPA free, so be carefree, as kids tend to put toys in their mouth.

Animals may vary in different packages. Listed are animals included in the package:


Believe us when we say - these little kid shenanigans will fly by before you know it and you'll miss this time. If you can incorporate some active, engaged play regularly in the tub, you and your kids will reap the benefits later.

  • ?ÿSet of 14 Colorful Rubber Bath Toys
  • ?ÿSafe for Children Older than 4 Months
  • ?ÿMakes Fun & Surprising 'Chu Chu' Sound
  • ?ÿFloats in Water without Leaking Educational Objective(s) Literacy & Spacial Awareness

Number of Puzzle Pieces - 14
Batteries Required - No
Batteries Included - No
Remote Control Included? - No
Color - Multi
Item Weight - 181 g
Package Dimensions - 20.7 x 17.8 x 7.6 cm
Manufacturer's Minimum Suggested Age(months) - 4.00



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