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Grapes of Wrath (Penguin Modern Classics)

Grapes of Wrath (Penguin Modern Classics)

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The Grapes Of Wrath (Penguin Modern Classics) is a story with a backdrop of the Great Depression in America. It is about a family of tenant farmers who face drought, economic hardships, agricultural industry changes, and bank foreclosures. Due to such difficulties, they are unable to sustain themselves, and move from Oklahoma to California in search of work and a better life. There too, they face false promises and lead a hard life along with the others who have migrated for the same reason.

The protagonist of the story is Tom Joad, the son of the Joad family, around whom the story revolves. He along with his family is forced to leave their home in Oklahoma, and make the journey to California. On their way, they meet the other families who all have been lured by the advertisements of California for good jobs, better pay, and a good life.

The Joads spent all their last little savings on this journey. There are many who return from California, and meet them on the way to let them know that California is a false promise. But, without an alternate choice, they reach California only to be betrayed by the advertisers.

The book unveils the terrible fate the family faces and plight the people face during the floods and other tough situations. The Grapes of Wrath (Penguin Modern Classics) was published by Penguin UK in 2000, and is available as a paperback.

Key Features:

The book has been adapted into a Hollywood motion picture in 1940 by John Ford.
It has won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. About the Author
John Steinbeck wrote this book in 1939. He was an American author and has written numerous works of fiction, non-fiction, as well as short story collections. He is well-known worldwide for his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Grapes Of Wrath, along with East Of Eden and Of Mice And Men. He won the 1962 Nobel Prize in Literature for his contribution towards writing realistic stories. Some of his other books are The Dubious Battle, Cup Of Gold, The Pastures Of Heaven, The Forgotten Village, and The Moon Is Down.



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