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Durbar is a first-person account of some of the most impactful incidents that took place at the hands of the Central Government. It begins with an account of the Emergency in 1975, when the author began her career as a junior reporter with The Statesman, and moves on to chronicle the instabilities of the times that followed.

The Emergency was a landmark event that set the course of the spiral of incidents that followed it: Indira Gandhi’s assassination followed by Rajiv Gandhi’s ascent to power, a period fraught with struggles and turbulence in the government. He was accused of following nepotism in the corridors of power, and was associated with many controversies such as the the anti-Sikh riots, the Bhopal Gas tragedy and the Bofors scam, which served to tarnish the impeccable image of the Congress in the days to come.

Durbar provides a vivid detailing of an insider’s account of some of the most troubled times our country has been through and is, in a sense, a compelling history of our past.

It was published in the year 2013 by Hachette India and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

The book is an interesting chronicle of some of the most monumental events in India’s past.
It is authored by someone who has been closely involved with some of the most authoritative leaders in the corridors of power. About the Author
Tavleen Singh is a well-known journalist in the Indian political scene. She began her career at the crucial time of the Emergency, and her book, which is a memoir, sets about to document landmark events of our country’s past. Besides Durbar, she has also authored books like Kashmir: A Tragedy of Errors; Lollipop Street: Why India will Survive Her Politicians, and Political and Incorrect.



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