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365 Stories from Around the World

365 Stories from Around the World

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The 365 Stories from Around the World is a treasure trove of stories from around the world - right from the barren sands of Arabia to the icy cold polar regions of Antarctica and different eras. Through this book, the child can travel and know about the culture and history of different places, all by sitting at one place!

The stories, which are carefully chosen from the most popular tales and folktales from different cultures around the world, are written in simple language and in an engaging style.
Each story is accompanied by colourful illustrations, which arrest the child’s attention and make reading an enjoyable experience.
The 365 stories in the book are written in a concise manner which provides the child with an opportunity to read a story a day and learn something every day.

Suitable for children of above 8 years
Schools and public libraries
Educational institutions



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