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Sad Ghalato Kabir (Marathi)

Sad Ghalato Kabir (Marathi)

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Osho is the first of this type, always representing a fresh religiousness, totally novel, knowledgeable, mystic, occult. Kabir's 'dohe' are like a shawl woven by the different threads of human experiences and life. Each thread stands for the values of life, each a shining facet with a dimension. Love, dream, truth, ego, title, prestige, sati. Kabir has explained each aspect with perfect examples as was his peculiarity, while Osho sheds light on Kabir's qualities. Kabir himself lives a human life, but reveals the formula of becoming free, he also seeks our attention towards living in the present with an eye on the future. He brings it to our notice that in this huge cosmos, we literally possess nothing, whatever we see around is all 'HIS', hence whatever leaves after we are no more is the eternal truth. Kabir also points out to the importance of a teacher. He tells us that guru is the indication to reach the almighty. At the end Kabir admits that he has achieved the god, saying 'kahe Kabir mai pura paya!'



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