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Organic Barnyard Millet, Whole Jhangora (Gluten Free, High Fibre&  Iron, Low GI, Weight Loss, Reduces Cholestrol)
Organic Barnyard Millet, Whole Jhangora (Gluten Free, High Fibre&  Iron, Low GI, Weight Loss, Reduces Cholestrol)

Organic Barnyard Millet, Whole Jhangora (Gluten Free, High Fibre& Iron, Low GI, Weight Loss, Reduces Cholestrol)

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A very unique detail about barnyard millet is that it is a cereal associated with festivities. Barnyard millets are used to make innumerable dishes and delicacies during the Navratri festival, wherein we worship the nine Devis.

Barnyard millet happens to be millet which has been used with great fervor ever since the historic times. A very interesting piece of trivia related with Barnyard millets is that these formed a part of staple diet in ancient Egypt, and were even placed next to mummies.

But the exceptionally high nutritional value of Barnyard Millet, combined with its health benefits makes it highly relevant even in the present day context.

Some of the prime health benefits of Barnyard millet are:

  • Good source of protein
  • It’s one of the high fiber foods
  • Soluble and insoluble fibers in the right proportion
  • A high percentage of slowly digestible carbohydrates makes Barnyard millet an ideal food for someone who works out frequently
  • Lets one keep a check on heart disease and diabetes

Let’s Take a Look At Some Of The Finest Barnyard Millet Recipes:



Dehulled barnyard millet grains - 100 g, potatoes – 20 g, carrots –20 g, beans – 20 g, salt – 5 g, pepper – 5 g, chat masala – 5 g, bread crumbs – 20 g, chana dal - 30 g, green chillies – 5 g, water – as required and oil - for shallow or deep frying

Preparation Method:

Cook barnyard millet in boiling water, fluff it with a fork and leave it to cool. Mix channa dal flour with curd and keep aside.

Boil potatoes and all vegetables.

In a pan, heat oil, add finely chopped onions, green chilly, garlic, ginger and sauté until onions turns transparent. Then add salt, pepper powder, chaat masala, turmeric, cooked vegetables and millets. Add finely chopped coriander leaves and mix well. Cook further for few more minutes.

When cool, divide the mixture equally and shape into cutlet, press bread crumbs over it and shallow fry on both sides until golden brown or deep fry them in oil. Serve hot with sauce.




Barnyard millet – 150 g, small dices of vegs. (carrots, french beans, cauliflower and green peas) – 150 g, salt – to taste, green chilli chopped – 15 g, ghee – 50 g, curry powder – 2 tsp, coriander leaves, - as required, asafoetida – a pinch, cumin seed – 2 g and water – ½ cup.

Preparation Method:

Clean and soak the millet in water for 15 min.

Heat ghee in cooker, add cumin, asafoetida and diced vegetables along with curry powder and saute.

Add presoaked millets and mix well.

Add water, salt and pressure cook for one whistle.

Garnish with ghee, chopped coriander leaves and serve hot.




Barnyard millet – 1 cup

Dosa rice -1 cup

Urad dal – ½ cup

Methi – 1 tsp

Coconut – ½ cup

Chopped spring onion – 4 to 5 bulbs

Preparation Method:

Soak millet, rice, dal and methi for 3 to 4 hours.

Grind this into smooth batter and ferment for 7 to 8 hours.

Make dosa as regular urad dal dosa. If you want some toppings you can do that as well by mixing grated carrots, onion and coconut.



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