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L–Oil Virgin Sesame Oil 1 L
L–Oil Virgin Sesame Oil 1 L

L–Oil Virgin Sesame Oil 1 L

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Many generations ago, in the Middle East where civilization began, and in the arena of culinary creation, Sesame Oil was born!

Because of its excellent fragrance, aroma, and productiveness, it was probably the first vegetable oil, centuries ahead of olive oil.

Sesame oil reveals a flavor and aroma unlike any other oil. All around the Mediterranean as well as in Middle East, it has been an essential ingredient in pastries.

In the Orient, one uses the oil as seasoning for meat or vegetable dishes. Often mixed with rice vinegar or soy sauce, it can also be used to make a delicious vinaigrette dressing which goes marvelously with salads, raw vegetables, and lukewarm vegetables.

Nutritional Value

Thanks to its wealth of oleic and linoleic acids, sesame oil is known to ward off all sorts of maladies! It contains two antioxidants which reduce the absorption of cholesterol and helps the liver neutralize its production.


L oil Virgin Sesame Oil is produced in the most natural way possible, no chemicals or additives are used. The finest of white sesame seeds are mechanically cold pressed then filtered.

This produces the very best in Sesame oil is in the market today for all your culinary needs!

No chemicals are used to extract this Oil. This oil is non-toasted, thus avoiding any nutrients loss in the toasting process.


Use in salads and cold dishes.

The L oil Virgin sesame oil added at the end of a stir fry dish adds a tremendous depth of flavour as well as Vitamin E and Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Excellent for flavouring vinaigrettes.



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