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Evil Eye pendant is an attractive capsule shaped pendant, which also has a Cat’s Eye stone (also called Lehsunia) embedded in its center. This comes with a black thread and is supposed to be worn using the black thread only and not in any silver or gold chain. The Silver Pendant Contains 92.5% Pure Silver. The stone embedded in it is CATS EYE Stone.

Benefits of Evil Eye Pendant:

Apart from protecting you from negative energies and hidden or secret enemies around you, the pendant has many more benefits. It blesses the wearer with the enhancement of business opportunities, particularly in the field of Marine business, adventures sports, share market, physicians, surgeons, religious businesses etc. Wearing of this pendant removes physical weakness and mental worries.

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Human relationship is complex. Many emotions are involved when 2 individuals interact. A good & healthy relationship exudes positive vibrations and keeps the individuals happy & in good spirits. But when jealousy & distrust is involved in a relationship, negative vibrations are experienced. Everything starts getting wrong or negative. This is also called “Nazar Lagana”. We do many things to counter this phenomena, such as Fixing horse shoe on door, Hanging black doll, Hanging Nimbu-Mirchi, Black tika on babies or wearing black thread etc. Now all these things are not required. Telesky Shopping brings Evil Eye Pendant (Nazar Pendant) to protect us from such negative vibrations. It’s not only attractive in shape and looks but also very powerful, which forms a protective shield around you and your loved ones when worn.

Cat’s Eye Details:

Cats Eye (Lehsunia) is the stone of planet “KETU”, the dragon’s tail. KETU is the trunk part of the planet ‘RAHU’. In Indian astrology, RAHU is said to be a shadow planet. He is the son of ‘SINHIKA’ the daughter of ‘HIRNYAKASHYAPU’. As per Hindu mythology, at the time of ‘SAAGAR MANTHAN’, the devil ‘RAHU’ managed to drink the immortal fluid ‘AMRIT’ along with holy angels ‘DEVTAS’. Lord Vishnu became angry and cut his head using his ‘SUDARSHAN CHAKRA’. But as RAHU managed to drink ‘AMRIT’, he could not die. As a result the head and the trunk of his body were still alive. Afterwards, these two parts of his body became the shadow planets by the name of ‘RAHU’ and ‘KETU’. These two planets are not there in the solar system. But Indian astrologers consider them to be shadow planets. RAHU and KETU are always placed in 7th house from each other and they always transit in the retrograde position in the horoscope. KETU indicates the self-realization, understanding one’s own self, Vedic studies, knowledge, liberation from birth-death cycle, yoga, science etc.


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