Hanuman Darshan Yantra (Gold)


Beautiful profile of Hanuman ji created in a shiny mix of alloys. Fully readable Hanuman Chalisa set in the Pendant. Clearly articulated Panch Mukhi Hanumanji?s picture. Hanuman Yantra engraved on the back. Hanuman Chalisa: Is the most chanted devotional prayer based on Lord Hanuman and praising his devotion to Lord Rama. It is popularly believed that chanting the Hanuman Chalisa invokes Hanumanji’s divine intervention in day to day problems and provides peace of mind to the devotee.

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After years of dedicated research, the Magical Hanuman Pendant has been created as a Devotional Pendant of immeasurable value! A one-of-a-kind product of the highest quality developed in the pursuit of a common goal ? Hanumanji?s form & prayer close to the heart! Fully readable Hanuman Chalisa set in a exquisite Pendant of Hanuman ji created with a shiny mix of metals. For the 1st time in history, an innovative pendant that reveals the complete Hanuman Chalisa when you hold the pendant in light close to your eyes!


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