Sterling Silver Garnet Ring

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Ring Type : Fashion Rings
Brand : Globus
Ring Style : Casual
Targeted Group : Unisex
Stone Type : Garnet

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Garnets are found naturally and are quite rare gemstones. They are basically deep red in color, like honey. However, they are also found in green, pink, orange and purple. It is mystical and possesses healing powers. They are thereby known as healing stones. Garnet helps attain financial success and business prosperity.

Significance of Garnet:

Garnet is also termed as Rahu ring as it is related to the shadow planet Rahu. Garnet gemstone is highly praised as per the Vedas because it helps to diminish your earthy desires and break the cycle of birth and death. It minimizes the problems you have been facing or bound to face and aids you towards righteous living till the point of attaining salvation.

Product Details:

The rings are adjustable. They are made from 92.5% Sterling Silver, and are made in the range of 4.5 to 6 Carats.


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