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AAO Hindi Sikhen' - 2 Let's Learn Hindi with 1 CD

AAO Hindi Sikhen' - 2 Let's Learn Hindi with 1 CD

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A language can only be thought of in context of its society. In other words a language is born from the varied lifestyles and behavior patterns of a society. We all know that in a country like ours, people from different castes, creed, colour and religion speak the same language. The refore the language spoken by a society is the amalgamation of the different a people that make the society. Now in today's context where the boundaries of society have faded with the click of the mouse and the internet, the importance of all the languages in the world is continuously rising.

The Hindi language is spoken by a huge A population of the world, reflecting its life, culture and views and therefore is a special medium to come close to the Hindi speaking A community. In fact the whole world is awakening to this fact. Developed countries are making efforts A to learn Hindi in order to get in-depth knowledge about the Hindi speaking society. In this scenario, it is required to create a new technique of teaching and learning Hindi as a foreign language through which non-Hindi speakers of the world can learn this language inan easy, scientific and practical way.

Professor Bharat Singh along with Mr. Keisuke Kato has successfully combined his 33 year long Hindi teaching experience to make this new course for Hindi: Aao Hindi Sikhen in Aao Hindi Sikhen : Volume 1, we learn Hindi phonetics and Devanagari script in a scientific manner and with in a practical context so that the student soon learns the language: its sounds, its script and also about the Hindi speaking society. The Devanagari Script had been taught in a step by step manner, beginning with the practice of strokes and the sounds had also been taught through scientific techniques. Aao Hindi Sikhen : Volume 1, comprised of lessons that were based on everyday life and interesting conversations were used to make the learning process light and fun-filled.

In Aao Hindi Sikhen : Volume 2, once again, all lessons are well planned and balanced in terms of teaching the structure and vocabulary of Hindi. The student A gradually learns to combine vocabulary and structure in the usage of the language. A s ears are the doors to a language, the development of pronunciation skills have been ensured through the provision of Audio CD's which the learner can use to gain confidence in pronouncing the Words correctly. This makes Aao Hindi Sikhen all the more useful. The book is suited both for classroom teaching of Hindi as well as self learning. In the field of foreign language teaching, this book is worth appreciation for its organized and scientific methodology of Hindi teaching and learning material.



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