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Addiction Free Happy Life
Addiction Free Happy Life

Addiction Free Happy Life

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Addiction is an uncontrollable habit and dependence on mood or behavior changing substance despite knowing adverse effects, which shows lack of ability or will power to control one’s choice.

Addiction causes a forceful craving for addictive substance. An Addict may want to quit, but the majority find that they can't do it on their own. In case of rehabs and other drug treatment facilities, you have to give your precious months or even years to quit drinking alcohol or quit tobacco or other drugs.

But with Addiction Free Happy Life powder you can easily start your ayurvedic treatment of alcoholism or smoking or other drugs at home or anywhere you are. Natural ingredient contents in the Addiction Free Happy Life Powder also help keeping person healthy.

Dopamine is a chemical, responsible for the forceful craving towards the addictive substance. Addiction Free…Happy Life controls the secretion of responsible chemical “Dopamine” and strengthens will power to overcome from the addiction.

Addiction free Happy Life is a strong recommendation for alcoholics which helps take out alcohol from the mind of an addicted person.

Quantity- 3 jar of addiction free happy life powder each jar contains 100 gms
Total Quantity -300 gms

Course- 45 Days

Direction of use :
Take 1 spoon powder 2 times a day after meals with lukewarm water. This ayurvedic powder can also be mixed/ added in the food/meals.