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Organic Browntop Millet, Whole  Brown Korle (Gluten Free, High Fibre, Low GI, Weight Loss and Diabetic Friendly)

Organic Browntop Millet, Whole Brown Korle (Gluten Free, High Fibre, Low GI, Weight Loss and Diabetic Friendly)

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A very unique quality of brown top millet is that it grows very well irrespective of the type of soil.

In some of the places in India which include deccan and Bundelkhand, brown top millet is widely grown and also forms a part of staple diet.

Let’s take a look at some of the top health benefits of millets:


  • Millets protect the heart
  • Reduce chances of occurrence of diabetes
  • Help in discourse of diabetes
  • Work very well for detoxifying the body
  • Tone up the respiratory system
  • Optimize immune system
  • Keep energy levels high
  • Work very well for muscle and nerve health


Here are some of the finest brown top millet recipes.



Brown top millet flour- 1 kg, dry chilly seeds-10 g, sesame- 25 g, curry leaves and salt.

Preparation Method:

Heat some water in an open vessel.

Take millet flour, add salt to it and mix well.

Now start adding the flour to the warm water or vice versa till it gets to a dough consistency. Gather the mixed dough and knead it well.

Pinch a small or medium sized ball. Now flatten the ball with your palm on a pan or on a board.

Gently remove the flat uncooked bread from the board and place it on a hot tava or flat pan.

Sprinkle the roti with roasted seasame and green chilly seeds. Pat it well to make sure that the seeds stick on to the roti.

Cook the roti on both sides by flipping a couple of times and cook till brown spots appear on both sides.

Serve the korale roti hot or warm with groundnut chutney and butter. The rotis can be preserved for a week.



Brown top millet rava- 50 g, wheat rava- 50 g, carrot-10 g, Beans- 10 g, onion chilly, oil, salt and curry leaves.

Preparation Method:

Pour some oil to pan and fry brown top millet rava and wheat rava. Keep aside. Cut all the vegetables and mix little salt to it. Add rava mixture to this and keep it in a plastic bag as air tight.

To prepare upma, pour 100 gm of mixture to 400ml water and boil for ten minutes. Tasty and nutritious upma will be ready to serve.



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