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Denim Shoulder Bag

Denim Shoulder Bag

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A very stylish recycled denim ladies handbag made from the old pair of jeans that you send over to us!

You might be surprised to note the degree of class a simple handbag could add to your style quotient.

Match your style – We present before you a ladies handbag with a difference!

Has letting go of your old and comfy pair of jeans been a struggle?

Recycled denim is in vogue!

You can now have a very stylish denim handbag made just by sending over your old pair of jeans to us. Multiply the oomph factor manifolds!

Mix and match the chic accessory with your jeans and tees, with regular casual wear or even a nice pair of salwar kameez.

The handbag is a delight to look at and is stitched nicely in a very aesthetic manner. This is durable and a must have accessory in your wardrobe.

Your denim handbag is 100% handmade. This has tough strings made from khaki colored maize fiber and has a camel colored leather strap towards the top of the strings to provide cushioning to the shoulder.

Yet another demarking feature of the recycled denim ladies handbag is that this has been created in home industry run by women entrepreneurs.

Delight at the style factor as you see the compliments come your way. The handbag is an all season addition to your collection and would work very well for everyday office wear. If denim is the dress code, the recycled denim bag is the choice to go for!

This is sturdy enough to keep with you when you go out for short trips.

It’s the right choice to select if you intend to go for a picnic.

Find some regular storage space and two smaller pockets for electronic gadgets, and also a zipper pocket.

A high sturdiness of the handbag ensures that you use it for packing if you intend to go for short trips!

Be the one with the wow and create your unique style statement. Your friends are all sure to be in awe and admiration of the very chic accessory.

Denim never goes out of fashion! Order today, and have it home delivered in a safe and secure packaging. This is denim recycled and style redefined, a sturdy accessory, the kind you can bank on.



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