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Dr. Fit Tea
Dr. Fit Tea
Dr. Fit Tea

Dr. Fit Tea

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Lifestyle disorders take a toll on our health and over time, effects of aging become more prominent. These lifestyle disorders, such as irregular sleeping patterns, long travelling hours and faulty eating habits work towards magnifying the toxicity levels in the body.

Some of the related problems people come across include fatigue, recurring body aches and even obesity.

But by going for detoxification, we come to realize that the body and mind work in unison to ensure that we find more energy in our everyday life!

When exposed to toxins such as preservatives, heavy metals and environmental pollutants over a long term, our metabolism and immune system are affected and this could even lead to diseases. Our bodies do have in built detox functions to deal with these toxins, but excessive toxicity in the external environment or our bodies cause these systems to be overloaded..

Detoxification is really a mechanism of supporting what our body tries to naturally do! Just as an example, when the immune system is weak, it makes one more vulnerable to colds and flus. In the same way, higher levels of toxins in the body affect the body’s ability to burn fat. This can over time lead to weigh gain. But when one goes for a natural detox cleanse, one is able to purge the body of toxins stored in fat cells and the metabolism too is boosted.

Alternately, detoxification gives a unique and healthy glow to the skin. With detoxification, one regains balance in the body systems and these are empowered to function more effectively.

Feel younger, lighter and radiant!

The Dr FitTea detox pack has been designed to work holistically on the entire body, enabling you to love your healthier & fit body! The Detox pack is composed of a daily pack and a booster supplement.

Main ingredients of Dr. Fit Tea:
- Daily detox: Kokum, Guduchi, Triphala, Green tea extract
- Booster detox: Moringa, Manjistha, Anantamul, Punernava, Cinnamon

The daily supplement is a blood purifier which additionally works on relieving you of unwanted bloating and gases.

Usage instructions for daily pack:

  1. Open pack and mix in 1/2 liter of water and sip during the morning.
  2. Do not add sugar/salt to enhance the taste.

This will be a granular product packaged as below:
-Daily detox: 2 gms x 30 sachets

The booster supplement is specially formulated to cleanse the liver, skin and kidneys. This is consumed every 10 days. The booster also helps clear-up your bowels & colon.

Usage instructions for booster pack:
  1. Open pack and mix in 1 liter of water and sip through out the day.
  2. Do not add sugar/salt to enhance the taste.

This will be a granular product packaged as below:
-Booster detox: 8 gms x 3 sachets

Storage and Disposal Instructions:
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of the reach from children.
  • Try not to use an opened pack or mixed water after 4 hours.

Filipino :

Dr FitTea detox pack ay idinisenyo para gumana nang konektado sa buong katawan, na magbibigay sa’yo ng pagkakataon para mahalin ang katawan mo! Ang detox pack ay gawa sa isang pang araw-araw na pakete at isang booster supplement at available sa pang isang buwang pakete.

Ang pang araw-araw na supplement ay tagalinis ng dugo na kung saan ay karagdagang gumagana rin sa pagpapaginhawa mula sa hindi kanais-nais na bloating at hangin. Simple lamang ang paggamit nito: Magbukas ng isang pakete at ihalo ito sa kalahating litro ng tubig at haluing mabuti. Higupin ang inuming ito sa umaga bago mag-almusal. Ang tamang kombinasyon ng Garcinia Indica at Triphala sa pang araw-araw na pagde-detox ay nakakatulong sa ligtas at madaling pagbabawas ng timbang habang ginagamot ang tigyawat at eczema.

Espesyal na nakapormula ang booster supplement para linisin ang atay, balat at bato. Kinokonsumo ito kada 10 araw. Nakakatulong din ang booster para linisin ang dumi at colon mo. Ubusin ang booster mix sa 1 litrong tubig at inumin sa buong araw. Kinokonsidera ang Moringa at Manjistha bilang mga tagapagtaguyod ng immunity at nakakatulong para baliktarin ang mga side effect ng pestisidyo at medikasyon..

Magpaalam na sa bloating, gas at iyong nakakainis na ekstrang timbang!

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