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Everything You Wanted to Know About Investing (A New Perspective)

Everything You Wanted to Know About Investing (A New Perspective)

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If you zone out at acronyms words like ROI, EPS and ETF, this is the book for you. It simplifies finances without putting you to sleep. The book is well organized and takes the reader through the world of investing. The book has page after page of unbiased tips/advice and factual information that make sense and can give you a head start to reach your goals.

Everything you wanted to know about Investing offers a facile approach to personal investing without overburdening the reader with jargon or excessive details. It is built with examples and graphics, making it an easy and informative read. The principles behind investments are simple and easy to follow. And yes, the path to success is slow and steady.

The book is written for readers who use the business pages to swat mosquitoes and also for seasoned investors who may be skilled in a particular area of finance but know little about others. It provides simple and effective support for a reader who wants to take control of the direction of his life and future.

Table of Contents

Section 1

Explore your boundaries
A new perspective to investing
Setting Goals – Motivate yourself
Self Perception
Grandma’s recipes to Investment Planning
Tax planning made painless

Section 2

Making the winning choices
Equity – The First Amongst Equals
Investment in Equity is not a Game of Dice
Get in the Experts with Mutual Funds and ULIPs
Futures and Options
Debt – Let Your Money Earn Interest
Getting Real with your Investments

Section 3

A hard look at your liabilities
Happiness Economics
Giving you the Head Start Advantage