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Organic Finger Millet, Whole Ragi (Gluten Free, Low GI, Weight Loss and Diabetic Friendly)
Organic Finger Millet, Whole Ragi (Gluten Free, Low GI, Weight Loss and Diabetic Friendly)

Organic Finger Millet, Whole Ragi (Gluten Free, Low GI, Weight Loss and Diabetic Friendly)

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Finger millet has been a major crop in India and Africa since centuries. While finger millet is known for its delightful taste, nutrition facts about the cereal would take one by surprise.

  • Finger Millet has around ten times calcium as compared to wheat
  • It is rich in proteins
  • It has amino acids in the right proportion
  • Some other micronutrients abundant in finger millet are vitamin A, vitamin B and phosphorous
  • With its high fiber content, finger millet prevents high blood pressure and aids in digestion
  • The right amount of ingestible iron and polyphenols make finger millet an ideal food for babies
  • Finger millet has even been cited as an ideal part of diabetic diet as it helps control blood glucose levels. One of the mechanisms is that when one consumes fibers, glucose is released in the body at a slow and sustainable rate
  • Finger millet is also high in calcium which regulates release of insulin in the body. This helps control blood sugar levels.

Let’s take a look at some of the finest finger millet recipes!




Ragi flour – 1 cup, Rice flour – ¼ cup

Chiroti rawa – ¼ cup, Curds – ¼ cup, Water, Salt Chopped coriander leaves, methi leaves, green chilli and little grated coconut.

Preparation Method:

Mix all the flours, salt, curds. Add sufficient amount of water and make a batter, it should be in pouring consistency.

Add chopped greens and other ingredients as you wish.

Make crispy dosa by using iron dosa tawa and serve with chutney.




Fingermillet flour – 1 cup, rice flour – 1 cup

Sesame seeds – 2tsp, turmeric – 1/2 tsp, salt – 1 tsp chilli powder – 2 tsp, tymol seeds – ½ tsp

Water – as required, oil – for frying.

Preparation Method:

Prepare dough with all ingredients and water.

Fill the dough in hand operated muruku making machine Prepare 3-4 rounds of muruku on a cloth.

Fry the prepared muruku in oil.

Put the flame on low to ensure proper frying. After frying, put the muruku on paper and cool it.

Serve as evening snack.



Finger millet vermicelli – 1 cup

dryfruits, ghee, water, sugar, milk

cardamon powder- as required.

Preparation Method:

Boil milk in a thick bottomed pan.

Roast dryfruits, finger millet vermicelli in ghee separately

Boil milk and add roasted vermicelli and cook for 3 min. Add sugar and mix well.

When contents start boiling, add cardamom powder and dryfruits.

Cool and serve.




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