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Intelligent Touching Tom Cat with wonderful voice (Multi Color)
Intelligent Touching Tom Cat with wonderful voice (Multi Color)

Intelligent Touching Tom Cat with wonderful voice (Multi Color)

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  •  Speak to Tom and he will speak back to you!
  •  Touch his left ear, he will sing songs
  •  Touch his Right ear, he will tell story plays
  •  Touch his left and right foot, you will see him respond
  •  Touch his tail, belly and face you will see response Number of Puzzle Pieces 1


Let your kids & you too fall in love with amazing cute, always responding talking TOM with touch facility now. Let us find out now what all Tom offers you! It records, speaks back to you! Sings songs, tells stories and much more! Package Contains 1 Piece Only

FEATURES: Operation of toy is very simple. Just touch the TOM at following places and you get the response! Talk anything to TOM he records and says same thing back to you!!!

TOUCH - LEFT EAR Tom will sing 1. Gagnam Style 2. If I ain't got you 3. Baby 4. Nobody 5. Creep 6. Aankhen Khuli 7. Teddy car 8. I caught a fish 9. You raise me up 10. Ten little fingers

TOUCH - RIGHT EAR Tom will narrate 1. The dog and his bone 2. Father & Son 3. A hunger rabbit 4. Buzzy bee's day 5. How a colt crossed the river 6. Kangaroos and the cage 7. Lying by the tree to wait for 8. The cow and the crow 9. The farmer and the snake 10. The dog and the shadow


TOUCH- FACE TOM RESPONDS saying "OUCH! Please don't hit my face, little kids! I am going to Faint"

TOUCH- BELLY TOM responds 1. "Ha-ha, it's so itchy, please do not touch me any longer" 2. It's itchy! Ha-ha, itchy!

TOUCH-TAIL Tom responds 1. Wow, how smelly! Who is farting 2. No, you've squeezed my tail

TOUCH-LEFT FOOT TOM says "You touch my foot"

TOUCH-RIGHT FOOT TOM says "Ohoh, it hurts!"


Assembly Required - No
Batteries Required - Yes
Batteries Included - No
Material Type(s) - Plastic
Remote Control Included? - No
Color - Multi color
Item Weight - 231 g
Product Dimensions - 26 x 8 x 6 cm
Item part number - Intelligent Touching tom cat
Manufacturer's Minimum Suggested Age - 12 (months)



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