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Magic of Vedic Math
Magic of Vedic Math

Magic of Vedic Math

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Vedic Mathematics Made Easy’ is a book written by Dhawal Bhatia. Dhawal has also authored books such as ‘The Best of Sudoku’ and ‘He Swam with Sharks for an Ice-cream’.

For anyone who is fond of mathematics, the book is a delight. A unique feature of the book is its fast paced approach which resolves even tough mathematics problems.

Upon using the book, a reader can recognize how one can understand and resolve even complex mathematics problems with ease! Even if you are a professional or a businessperson, the book will keep the mind sharp and help you with your ventures.

The author has put forth sixteen sutras or formulae. Using these sutras, one can break down even complex problems into mathematics and algebra.

There are three divisions in the book, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. It starts with very basic approaches of mathematics, before venturing into fundamental and finally advanced levels.

If one wants to build up a mathematics base or appear in competitive exams, the book would be very helpful.

The Magic of Vedic Math

The World’s Most Renowned Calculation System

With Mental Magic, Memory Power and Sudoku


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Vedic Mathematics made Easy (Book 1)

The Best of Sudoku (Book2)

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