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Musli Power Xtra Instant Tea
Musli Power Xtra Instant Tea
Musli Power Xtra Instant Tea
Musli Power Xtra Instant Tea
Musli Power Xtra Instant Tea

Musli Power Xtra Instant Tea

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Musli Power X-tra have formulated a superb Instant Tea with vital benefits for both Men and Women. Musli Power X-tra Instant Tea is a measured blend of 9 exotic herbs that are well documented in ancient Ayurveda texts; along with one herb-o-mineral.

Proven herbal formula that delivers results! 30 days course (60 sachets). Effects last for over 6 months based on your physical health. Equally good for both men & women.

Musli Power X-tra Instant Tea is formulated specifically to tackle physical short comings caused by the challenges of everyday life. These days it is common to experience: Lack of Energy, Stress, Strain and Fatigue due to factors; both internal and external.

Now you can sip and enjoy a cup of this uniquely blended Musli Power X-tra Instant Tea at home with family or away from home even while you travel; to regain and sustain your vitality. Musli Power X-tra Instant Tea contain extracted from Safed Musli, Kapikacchu, Ashwagandha, Muringa, Nellakka, Nerinjil, Jathikka, Vayalchully and Kanmadham; together they work as a rejuvenator and stimulant. The active ingredients protect the cardio vascular system, improve blood circulation, provide an abundance of vitamin C, provide anti-oxidants, reduce the process of ageing and acts as an all round immunity enhancer.

The Musli Power X-tra Instant Tea is a unique and one of its kind drink which refreshes the mind and body. But the most unique part about the Musli Power X-tra Instant Tea is that it comprises of unique and exotic herbs meticulously chosen from all parts of the world, and work very effectively towards infusing vim and vitality in our everyday lives.

This is what Musli Power X-tra Instant Tea does :

  • Tension gets relieved
  • Rejuvenates the body and mind
  • Blood circulation improves
  • Increases sexual prowess in men and women alike
  • 100% herbal product
  • Builds stamina over time
  • Helps to experience youthfulness
  • Fat deposits get metabolized

Indications / Directions of use:

1. Mix a full sachet in a cup of hot water and stir.

2. Add Milk and Sugar as per taste.


صيغة عشبية ثبت أن النتائج! دورة 30 يوم (60 كيس). تستمر التأثيرات لأكثر من 6 أشهر بناءً على صحتك البدنية. جيد على حد سواء لكل من الرجال والنساء.

MusliPower Xtra الشاي لحظة
• مشروب منعش
• يجدد الجسم والعقل
• يزيد من البراعة الجنسية لدى الرجال والنساء على حد سواء
• منتج عشبي 100٪
• يبني القدرة على التحمل مع مرور الوقت

الشاي MPX هو واحد فريد من نوعه وشرابه الذي ينعش العقل والجسم. ولكن الجزء الأكثر تميزًا في الشاي MPX هو أنه يتكون من أعشاب فريدة وغريبة يتم اختيارها بدقة من جميع أنحاء العالم ، ويعمل بشكل فعال للغاية من أجل غرس الحيوية والحيوية في حياتنا اليومية.

Filipino :

Simple lang ang paggamit:

  1. Maghalo ng isang buong sachet sa isang tasa ng mainit na tubig at haluin ito.  
  2. Magdagdag ng gatas at asukal para pampalasa.
  3. Isang sachet sa umaga at isa naman sa gabi.

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