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Pushpam Herbal Hair Oil

Pushpam Herbal Hair Oil

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Recently bothered about any of the hair related issues?

Are effects of aging showing on your hair?

Has your hair started losing any of its natural gloss and sheen?

Let Pushpam Hair Oil recreate the magic with your hair shiny, glossy, thick and naturally healthy. This works equally well for men and women, and works for seniors and youngsters alike.

Pushpam Hair Oil is pure magic of Ayurveda delivered right to your doorstep as your hair recovers from the effects of pollution, aging or lifestyle disorders. And with a hair care routine which is easy to manage, you find that your hair is bouncier and easy to maintain.

Pushpam Hair Oil is absorbed easily by the skin and gives a healthful and fresh feel to your scalp and hair alike, boosting your feel good factor many times over.

So what are you waiting for? Let the magic of Pushpam Hair Oil work for your hair and go for that hairstyle you always desired!


The Pushpam Hair Oil is a compilation of some of the most effective Ayurvedic herbs, each of which is well renowned for its prowess for hair care and enhancing hair growth. Some of these include Bhringraj, Amla, Jatamansi, Brahmi and Henna.

Bhringraj improves blood circulation in the scalp to revitalize the follicles and facilitate hair growth.

Brahmi strengthens hair follicles and acts as the best remedy for hair loss.

Amla, with anti inflammatory, anti microbial and astringent properties works towards inflammatory scalp condition to help overcome dandruff. This helps relieve itchiness and heals the skin.

Jatamansi is renowned for its salient medicinal properties, and these include soothing the nerves, which is a must for hair growth. The Ayurvedic herb has been used elaborately for rejuvenation of hair roots.

Henna or Mehndi is broadly considered as one of the best natural remedies for hair growth. This helps as a natural conditioner for hair, helps hair grow and also helps prevent dandruff and scalp itching.


Using the Pushpam Hair Oil is simple. Gently massage on the scalp so as to let it work upon the hair follicles and the hair.

Results are evident in just 15 days.

For best results, use after bathing and drying the hair, and use a wide toothed comb. It is recommendable to dry your hair thoroughly before you apply the oil or comb your hair.


The package contains 3 X 200 ml bottles of Pushpam Hair Oil



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