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Super Impressive Kids Bag

Super Impressive Kids Bag

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This is a jewel of a bag for your kids.

They will fall in love with the embossed characters. Going to school would be a matter of sheer joy!

The bag is designed to be a perfect school bag, with 3 compartments, a very sturdy design, bottle holder, excellent looks and design, and a sturdy zipper.

Embossed characters are one of the key features of the bag, and make it all the more delightful.

Take your pick for their favourite characters. We have Dora, Motu-Patlu, Princess and Chotta Bheem to choose from. Not to forget the boys favourite Ben10, Spiderman & Minions.

And your kids are gonna love it.

Sufficient space for schoolbooks and lunch box make sure that the bag meets its purpose.

A bottle holder is an addition which adds to the value.

Learning is joyful and going to school is now more fun than it ever was!



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