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The Firm
The Firm

The Firm

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The Firm is a legal thriller by John Grisham. It follows the story of Mitchell McDeere, a successful lawyer who was raised in the coal-mining region of rural Kentucky, and worked hard to pave his way out of menial labour and poverty. After graduating third in his class at Harvard Law, he marries his college sweetheart, Abby Sutherland.
Bright, young, and ambitious, Mitch has his pick of the big firms in Chicago and New York, but eventually decides to join a small tax law firm in Memphis called Bendini, Lambert & Locke - their offer of a large salary, a low interest mortgage on a house, and a lease on a new BMW automobile is what attracted Mitch.
Several events begin to unfold that fuel Mitch?s suspicion about this well-respected firm. One day, Mitch finally reaches the crux of the matter - the firm is owned and run by the most powerful organised crime family in Chicago - the Morolto family.
Mitch also learns that his house, office, and car are bugged, and he and his wife are routinely followed around. Fearful for his life, he makes a deal with the FBI - he would personally collect enough evidence to indict the firm in return for the release of his brother, Ray, from prison and $2 million in cash. The path he treads upon is a dangerous one, caught between the FBI and a firm that could kill him at a moment?s notice if they caught on.
This edition of The Firm was published RHUK by in 1998, and is available in paperback.
Key Features:
The Firm was the author's second book, and was first published in 1991.
This novel was also adapted into a film in 1993, starring Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman.



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