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Trendy Sturdy Backpack (Green)

Trendy Sturdy Backpack (Green)

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Key Features:

  • 14" size that will comfortably hold large files, books & other stuff
  • Cool design & bright colors        
  • 4 compartments to ensure you have space for your folders, supplies & music
  • Bottle Holder  
  • Sturdy zipper
  • Separate compartment for lunch box

If you have been on a lookout for a sturdy backpack, find a very trendy and a smart variant in the option present right before you.                                                      

Use the Trendy-Sturdy backpack to meet your entire requirements, be it for college, office, a picnic or a day out with friends, a mountaineering trip or a trek, or maybe even some light packing while you travel.                 

This is tough, easy to maintain and won’t let you down!

A 14” size ensures that you simple don’t run out of space and just about anything, be it large files, books or other stuff simply fit in easily!

A separate laptop holder would keep your laptop or notebook in a perfect condition while you travel, or you may simply use it for storage.

Designs that are cool and chic, along with bright colors make the backpack a delight to look at, while still being very simple!

Never run out of space with the Trendy –Sturdy backpack.

4 compartments ensure that you find sufficient space for all your supplies.

Stuff that is easy to store and easier to sort!

A bottle holder for your water bottle, energy drink or Cola, as it may suit your preference or requirement.

A sturdy zipper would ensure that the last minute supplies find adequate space.

Find a separate compartment for lunch box with the Trendy – Sturdy backpack, which makes it a perfect alternative for a college bag for all your years out there.

The bag looks smart enough to match your style!                                                                                

If home chores or travelling on a bike are involved, nothing comes as close as the trendy sturdy backpack as your perfect companion. 



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