LIFESOUQ, which aims to give high-quality services, offers a variety of wellness and lifestyle products that are infused with organic, traditional, and herbal ingredients.

      • We provide organic food, personal wellness services, hair, eye, and skin care.
      • All ages can use the goods, which are USDA Certified ORGANIC.
      • These goods are produced at a global facility with WHO-GMP certification and EU certification.
      • We have operations in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait.

LifeSouq brings you a range of Herbal self-help practices & products that inspire you to live a healthy & well-balanced life. Ancient wisdom translated into practical products which are created and packaged with the single motive of benefiting the consumer. Most products are formulated by herbal experts at facilities that are GMP and ISO certified. The products are certified by standard health agencies and have been clinically tested for their benefits. Your purchase at is backed with the assurance of Quality, Trust and Efficacy.

Herbs are researched, procured in the purest forms, and passed through scientific processing & packaging techniques to ensure that the freshness is retained. We work with Non-Profit Organizations to cultivate, collect and package, thus helping the local ecosystems to thrive and uplift their economies.

Why Herbal?

Herbal medicine has a long history of positive effects on human lives

Modern medicine is effective too and usually, works on fighting symptoms rather than the root cause

There are harsh synthetics, chemical compounds are used to cure diseases in modern medicine

Herbal medicine emphasizes curing the root cause of the problem

It has been structured to work naturally according to the human body

Herbal medicine has worked effectively for so many years & has shown no side effects

Modern medicine has been in use for a few decades & needs more time to observe any side effects of it

Herbal remedies are like long-term solutions to healthy living


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