What is  PPD and how does it harm your hair? 

Para-phenylenediamine(PPD)  was earliest traced by Hofmann in 1863. Prepared to be used in the formulation of hair dyes at the end of the 19th century and is acquired from petroleum. It is the frequent and the most familiar ingredient in hair dyes, for printing, making tattoos, gas, oil, and rubbery products. The benefits of hair dyes cannot be ignored. With growing tensions and the effects of pollution, hair tends to lose its blackness and shininess. Dyes can also be obtained by using ammonia and hydrogen peroxide but, the substance in ammonia rips apart the layers of protein from the hair making it dry, and brittle and increases in breakage of hair strands from roots and the chemicals in hydrogen peroxide bleach the hair causing it to lose its natural potential of the hair.

PPD chemicals are used in many permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes. These colouring agents help in trapping the dyes in hair and retain it for longer periods giving it a natural look. It is also a familiar allergen and irritant. The darker the dyes the higher it contains PPD chemicals. PPD is the reason for the reaction in hair dyes. PPDs are commonly found in the formulations of more than 1000 hair dyes. PPD is a chemical which is a very harsh chemical that may lead to mutagenicity, cancer and even causes coma in humans.

PPD is a repulsive ingredient which will harm your hair by the following things:

Lessens the count of semens
The level of toxins present in PPD where shows an impact on sexual health leading to low production of semens and also causing issues during reproduction.

Eye irritations
PPDs are permanent chemicals. It can leave a stain on the eyes, tearing and causing irritation or itchiness to the eyes. As eyes are very sensitive and delicate in nature.

⦁ Breathing disorders
PPD can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma, Lung infections, and Pneumonia.

⦁ Hormonal disbalance
The toxins penetrated through the skin may disbalance the hormones and may result in physical as well as mental changes.

⦁ Skin sensitivity
The Para-phenylenediamine disclosure may result in primary sensitization which
Causes allergic contact. Resulting in skin cancer, permanent stains, redness, irritation, infections etc. Ref.

⦁ Toxic for environment
All the hazardous chemicals get washed out to the drains. Which are seeped by the soil reaching rivers, oceans, and ponds becoming a threat to wildlife, aqua life, soil, plants, and trees.

*You can infrequently find hair dyes with no ammonia and PPD. One such brand is VIP. Click here to buy your hair colour now!!

However, the hair colour brands do not guarantee dyed black hair for a very long time as the products with ammonia and PPD* 


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