How Can I Check Shilajit’s Purity at Home?

Shilajit is a tar substance that is naturally found mostly in red, gold, brown, black, and grey rocks in the Himalayas of India, Russia, Tibet, Afghanistan, and Chile. That is set up for centuries due to the moderate putrefaction of determining plants by the deed of microorganisms. It’s also termed Andrean Shilajit, Shilajatu, Mimie and Mummiyo.

Shilajit has been used for many decades because of its medicinal properties it helps from Memory loss, Increases testosterone levels, treats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, acts as anti-aging, Iron deficiency, Infertility, and promotes a healthy heart.

    1. Red and Gold Rocks: These precious rocks are mainly found in the Himalayan mountains of India. It is the first-rate quality and is very inconvenient to find.
    2. Black Rocks: They generate fairly good quality, ranked second in the sequence of quality.
    3. Grey Rocks: They generate shilajit which is a little better than brown rock which helps to heal the nervous system.
    4. Brown Rocks: They are classified as the Copper Grade and favorable in liver-related issues.
    1. Texture Assessment:

      To check if the Shilajit is 100% pure take some in your hand and wait for a while. Real Shilajit will melt within a moment forming a gummed and resinous substance. You also just simply place Shilajit in the freezer after it hardens, take it out from the freezer, and hit it hard. If Shilajit gets devastated like glass, Boom you have the purest Shilajit which just got shattered!

    2. Solubility Assessment:

      Take some Shilajit and put it into the water. If it gets fully dissolved into the water it’s pure shilajit. If you test it with milk or water, if Shilajit is 100% it will always turn golden red after it is dissolved completely. It is always preferable to buy Shilajit in resin form as it is more effective than powders and capsules as it contains only 2% to 30% of its actual medicinal advantage.

    3. The Burn Test:

      The pure and authenticated Shilajit never burns. If you light it up and it’s giving off smoke you are being scammed by fake Shilajit as it is a sign of impure Shilajit.

By forming these simple tests you can know if you have bought pure Shilajit without any harmful chemicals and zero fillers.


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