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LifeSouq, a prominent brand in the UAE for 14 years, specializes in Ayurvedic supplements that target joint pain, digestion, and stress. Additionally, they offer a natural skincare range comprising face creams, serums, masks, and scrubs, along with personalized solutions guided by experts.

LifeSouq, which aims to give high-quality services, offers a variety of wellness and lifestyle products that are infused with organic, traditional, and herbal ingredients.

  • We provide organic food, personal wellness services, hair, eye, and skin care.

  • All ages can use the goods, which are USDA Certified ORGANIC.

  • These goods are produced at a global facility with WHO-GMP certification and EU certification.

  • We have operations in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait


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LifeSouq is focused and passionate about promoting Beauty, Health and wellness products. We are helping our retail partners/distributors build a thriving LifeSouq business. This gives our retailers/distributors tremendous opportunities to partner with us to promote their online and brick-and-mortar stores by leveraging our huge online reach, teamwork and events.

LifeSouq offers a diverse range of Herbal self-help practices & products, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Rooted in ancient wisdom, their practical products are crafted by herbal experts at GMP and ISO certified facilities. Clinically tested and certified by health agencies, LifeSouq ensures Quality, Trust, and Efficacy in every purchase at

Beauty & Lifestyle

Discover a range of Hair Care, Skin Care, Men’s & Women’s Wellness products infused with organic, traditional, and herbal ingredients for a holistic approach to health and beauty.