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The First Principle: Talks on Zen

The First Principle: Talks on Zen

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In the first Principle Osho captures the unique, colorful, seemingly-crazy spirit of Zen through talks on a collection of Zen stories -anecdotes of the often-bizarre interchanges between a master and disciple in the quest for truth. From these anecdotes, Osho distills Zen's pragmatic essence for the reader and conveys an alive understanding of its message, "The first principle". Authentic truth cannot be said with words, it can only be lived. Speaking to the contemporary, modern reader without robbing these old tales of their magic, charm and humor, Osho reminds us that "You are the shrine for the first principle. So the only way is to go within, turn in. That is what meditation is all about". In addition to commenting on these stories, Osho also answers questions and tells jokes on topics such as living with the contradictions of life, genuine longing as distinct from spiritual greed, maturity and how one can be in an authoritative work role. He is constantly challenging us to discover greater self-awareness and consciousness from within.



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